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What is My IP Address?

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What is an IP Address?

Short for Internet Protocol Address, an IP Address is an identifier that shows the location where a device is connected from. All devices connected to a network are connected through a specific IP address.

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What is an IPv4 Address?

An IPv4 Address is the most widely used type of IP Address. When users connect to an IPv4 server, they are allotted an IPv4 Address. An IPv4 Address is a combination of 32-bit numbers that works as a unique identifier for a device connected to the network.


What is an IPv6 Address?

An IPv6 Address is a successor to the previous IPv4 address. It is a combination of a 128-bit alphanumeric characters. An IPv6 Address was designed to overcome the limitation of an IPv4 Address regarding address space.

Differences Between IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

IP Addresses are used to identify network devices and enable communication. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can make that possible with slight differences.

IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
IPv4 Address consist of 32-bit address
IPv6 Address consist of a 128-bit address
IPv4 has over 4.2 billion addresses
IPv6 has over 340 undecillion addresses
With IPv4, end-to-end connection integrity is not possible
With IPv6, end-to-end connection integrity is possible
An IPv4 Address comprises digits 0 to 255
An IPv6 Address comprises digits and alphabets both
An IPv4 Address can support broadcast, multicast, and unicast addresses
IAn IPv6 Address can support unicast, anycast, and multicast addresses
IPv4 has a header of 20-60 bytes
IPv6 has a header of 40 bytes fixed
Example of IPv4:
Example of IPv6:

What is a Public IP?

The internet service provider (ISP) provides a public IP address. It is used to establish an internet connection on your device. This IP address is needed to access the web from your device.


What is a Private IP?

A private IP address enables devices on the same network to communicate with one another. If a person is connected to a private IP only, they will not be able to access the internet; only the devices on the same network will be accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the questions below to clarify any further queries about AngelVPN:

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