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Enjoy Anonymous Browsing with AngelVPN

Stay safe from lurkers and digital intruders as you hide your online presence with AngelVPN's Chrome Extension.

Why is it Important to Hide Your Browsing Activities?

Your internet service providers (ISPs) can see your online activities. The information contains the sites you visit, the files you download/upload, and the communication you engage in online.
Marketing agencies and other third parties target you according to your personal preferences. Your past transactions and browsing habits can also be identified by them.
Government and foreign agencies look for loopholes in all networks and connected devices. This act can also plant malware, spyware, On users’ devices.
Hackers on public Wi-Fi hotspots can tap into devices and access people’s data. And all this might be happening without the users’ knowledge.

Keep Your Browsing Private and Anonymous with AngelVPN

There are numerous benefits to anonymizing information while browsing online.

No Browsing Logs

All AngelVPN plans come with a No Browsing Logs policy, which ensures that none of the user data is ever stored on servers online.

Mask Your Online Identity

When connected through AngelVPN, users can mask their actual IP address, which represents their exact physical location.

Internet Kill Switch

Should your VPN connection ever drop abruptly, let the Internet Kill Switch terminate your internet connection to maintain privacy.

Encrypt All Traffic on Your Device

All communication and traffic moving to and from the user’s device can be encrypted with the help of AngelVPN.

Split Tunneling

Enjoy both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic simultaneously on the same device. And that too without having to sign out from the AngelVPN account.

WebRTC Leak Protection

Keep your IP address and all relevant information protected at all times without worrying about data leaks.

How to Set up AngelVPN on Chrome & Firefox Browser?

Setting up AngelVPN is a simple process. Let us show you how:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for an AngelVPN plan.

Step 2


Download and install the AngelVPN app.

Step 3


Connect to a VPN server from anywhere.

Chrome VPN Extension

AngelVPN enables users to browse the web anonymously with the Chrome VPN extension. No need to open Chrome Incognito Mode anymore when the AngelVPN Chrome extension has your back. The AngelVPN Chrome Browser Extension lets you browse, stream, and shop privately at lightning-fast speeds. The browser extension can counter ISP throttling and tracking while maintaining privacy. Users can connect to VPN servers in 90+ locations and stream content worldwide with a click.


Surf the Web Anonymously with AngelVPN

Access Geo-Blocked Content

Bypass geo-restrictions and censorships and stream your favorite content quickly without compromising your privacy.

Block ISP Tracking

With the best VPN encryption protocols, AngelVPN prevents your ISP from being able to track your activities online.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Get connected to the nearest VPN server instantly and enjoy your streams without hassle.

Prevent Identity Theft

AngelVPN provides you with a virtual IP address which makes it possible to hide your identity.


Firefox VPN Extension

Looking for a powerful and reliable VPN extension for Firefox? Look no further than AngelVPN! With our easy-to-use extension, you can browse the web safely and securely, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Whether you're accessing sensitive information or simply want to keep your browsing history private, AngelVPN has you covered. Our extension is fast, reliable, and user-friendly, with advanced features designed to give you the ultimate online privacy and security. So why wait? Download AngelVPN today and experience the freedom and peace of mind that come with a truly great VPN extension!


Gain Limitless Access with AngelVPN

AngelVPN has all the necessary security features under the hood that facilitate functionality alongside privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about AngelVPN:

Yes, AngelVPN has the technology that can unblock geo-blocked streaming sites from anywhere.

Some websites might know if you are using a VPN, but your actual IP address and location still remain hidden.

In case a VPN block is bothering you, switch to a different VPN protocol and a different VPN server in another region.

Yes, anonymous browsing is absolutely possible if your connection is encrypted with AngelVPN service.

You can browse anonymously on your phone if you secure your internet connection with the AngelVPN app.