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Prevent DNS Leaks Completely

The AngelVPN DNS Leak Protection feature keeps your information secure and private. Engage in all the browsing, streaming, and gaming, and let AngelVPN worry about the information that needs hiding.

What is DNS?

DNS translates domain names to IP addresses to enable communication between browsers. Every device connected to the internet has a dedicated IP address for communication. DNS servers eliminate the need for users to memorize IP addresses, which can be helpful since newer IP addresses are far more complex.

For instance, Google’s IP address is, which is difficult to memorize. DNS solves this problem and maps Google’s IP address to Since users have difficulty remembering so much information, DNS makes it simple to locate websites on the internet, like physical addresses.

How to check if my VPN is working properly?

On your browser, visit a website such as WhatIsMyIP. When connected through a VPN, it should display an IP address of the region where the VPN server is. If the site shows an IP address from your region, then the VPN is not connected correctly. As such, you are still open to IPv6 and DNS Leaks. To rectify this, you must reconnect your VPN service from scratch.


AngelVPN Features

AngelVPN offers a plethora of safety and privacy features.

One-Click Connect

Access instant privacy and security with the AngelVPN One-Click Connect feature.

Split Tunneling

Enjoy access to local and secure traffic while connected to a VPN on the same device.

Internet Kill Switch

Terminate the internet connection automatically if the VPN connection drops abruptly.

Smart Server Selection

Let AngelVPN choose the correct VPN server for you. Enjoy effortless browsing, streaming, gaming, and more.

6500+ Servers

Access geo-blocked content worldwide with AngelVPN’s 6500+ servers in 96+ locations.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Gain instant access to geo-blocked content from anywhere.

Enhanced VPN Protocols

Choose from a variety of VPN protocols designed to serve specific internet purposes.

Blazing-Fast Speeds

Never again compromise on server speeds when accessing a secure traffic tunnel.

DNS Leak Protection

Prevent your ISP and other third parties from ever tracking your activities online.

Why do I need to check for DNS Protections if I already have a VPN?

Sometimes, a VPN connection may not pull through. You might have connected to a VPN server in a particular region, but you might not have gained access to the necessary VPN protocols. Thus, ensuring that all VPN protocols are active when you are connected is advised.

What causes DNS Leakage?

There are several reasons for DNS Leaks on a network. The cyber intruder may either be targeting your software or hardware. And that is why it is vital to protect one’s device from every possible angle.

While some people might believe that the internet service provider (ISP) is behind the DNS Leak, the reality is sometimes different. Even a mundane activity such as email going through your internet router should be encrypted.

DNS Leaks occur due to vulnerabilities in the browser. When you use the browser to visit a skeptical website, the browser might get infected with malware. And this, in turn, could cause DNS Leaks.

How does AngelVPN offer protection against DNS Leaks?

Getting into the technical details of DNS Leak Protection can be incredibly dull for the everyday user. In a nutshell, the internet service provider (ISP) can track user activity on the network level. AngelVPN is the solution that ensures that the DNS information becomes inaccessible for the ISP or any other third parties online.

AngelVPN encrypts the DNS traffic by masking the actual IP address of the users and replacing them with virtual IP addresses from other geographical locations. As such, users may enjoy private browsing, streaming, and gaming throughout.


Enjoy Unrestricted Access with AngelVPN

Let AngelVPN secure your personal and official devices while you indulge yourself in socializing and official duties without any worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about AngelVPN:

AngelVPN offers access to DNS Leak prevention technology at highly reasonable rates.

No, all VPNs do not have the DNS Leak prevention feature. Luckily, AngelVPN has this technology to secure users’ data.

VPN services are legal in some regions while illegal in others. To be sure, contact a lawyer who knows the local law.

You need to ensure that the DNS Leak Protection feature is enabled on your AngelVPN app or client to prevent DNS Leaks.

You can visit the website WhatIsMyIP, and if it shows your actual IP address, then your DNS is leaking.