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Download the AngelVPN Firefox Extension

Get a hold of the AngelVPN Firefox Extension to enhance privacy and security on the Firefox browser.

How to Get AngelVPN for the Firefox Browser?

The AngelVPN Firefox Extension is easy to set up. Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for a paid AngelVPN plan.

Step 2


Download and install the AngelVPN Firefox Extension.

Step 3


Connect to a VPN server anywhere.

Unlock every AngelVPN benefit on the Firefox Browser

The AngelVPN Firefox Extension brings numerous advantages to the front.

Safety on Public Wi-Fi

Never again hop on to public Wi-Fi without any security. Let the AngelVPN Firefox Extension keep you safe.


Split Tunneling

Access protected and unprotected traffic at the same time without needing to disconnect from AngelVPN.


Access Geo-Blocked Content

Unblock geo-blocked from all over the world anywhere and anytime, with a single click.


IP Leak Protection

Keep your IP safe and hidden with the IP Leak Protection feature.


AngelVPN Firefox Extension Features

Every AngelVPN plan is packed with sensational security and privacy features.

One-Click Connect

Connect to any one of AngelVPN servers with a single tap or click on the Firefox extension.

Split Tunneling

Gain access to encrypted and non-encrypted traffic simultaneously on the same device.

Internet Kill Switch

The AngelVPN Internet Kill Switch feature terminates internet connectivity automatically if the VPN connection drops abruptly.

Smart Server Selection

Let AngelVPN choose the right VPN server for you. Enjoy effortless browsing, streaming, gaming, and more.

6500+ Servers

Gain access to geo-blocked content worldwide with AngelVPN’s 6500+ servers in 96+ locations.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Prevent any and all geo-restrictions from ever keeping you away from your favorite content online.

Complex VPN Protocols

Choose from a wide variety of VPN protocols specifically designed to serve specific internet needs.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

AngelVPN brings speed along with privacy and security. No more sitting through buffering or slow-loading web pages.

DNS Leak Protection

Prevent your personal information from ever falling into the hands of ISPs and third parties.

More than 6500 VPN Servers Optimized for Your Needs

AngelVPN has more than 6500 VPN servers that are spread strategically across 60+ locations in 45+ countries.







VPN Servers

3 Million+ Satisfied Clients

Here’s what loyal AngelVPN customers have to say about us:

Enjoy Unrestricted Access with AngelVPN

Let AngelVPN anonymize your digital presence with enhanced VPN protocols to make sure that you stay safe at all times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about AngelVPN:

Yes, the AngelVPN Firefox Extension can be downloaded from our Download page right away.

Sometimes, the VPN connection is not established properly. Simply restart the AngelVPN Firefox Extension to solve your problem.

The AngelVPN Firefox Extension offers all the necessary security features to facilitate streaming for users.

The AngelVPN Firefox Extension can be activated by downloading the extension from the Download page.

Yes, the AngelVPN Firefox Extension will mask your actual IP address and replace it with a virtual IP address from another region.