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Angel VPN Version

Version Number : 1.0.1

What's New:

1. Improved Connection Stability

Enhanced Reliability: We've worked tirelessly to boost the stability of your connections. Experience a more robust and dependable VPN service with fewer interruptions.

Faster Reconnections: Angel VPN now reconnects faster than ever before. Whether you're switching networks or moving between Wi-Fi and mobile data, your connection remains steady and secure.

2. Under the Hood Optimization for Better Performance

Optimized Network Protocols: Our team has fine-tuned the network protocols to ensure optimal performance. Enjoy a smoother and faster VPN experience, especially during peak usage times. We've optimized the core processes to keep your data flowing without any hiccups.

Reduced Resource Consumption: Angel VPN now operates more efficiently, utilizing fewer system resources without compromising on performance. Your device stays responsive, and the VPN seamlessly integrates into your online activities without slowing you down.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

Minor Bug Squashes: We've addressed a few pesky bugs to make your overall experience even more enjoyable. Your feedback has been invaluable in identifying and resolving these issues.